Outlaw Star theme is here!

Space, The final Frontier. While Cowboy Bebop was a lot more popular, Outlaw Star wasn’t small in the states. It in fact was one of the first animes I got super hooked on. In fact I’m pretty sure Outlaw Star was the first DVD set I had ended up buying for myself.

One of the things that helped Cowboy Bebop more popular to the casual person I felt was the episodic format, where each episode had a strong opening and closing. This gave the story less of a over all theme. Outlaw star was set in a future setting and over all about a rag tag group, each with there own story and reason for coming along for the ride.

When I start something new with anime I suppose I go back to the show that hooked me the most when I started anime. In fact when I started the blog Randomly Geeky I even wrote a review about it.

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