Adding Cowboy Bebop inspired art.

Cowboy Bebop is often thought of as a masterpiece and frequently called one of the greatest anime titles of all time. Credited with helping to introduce anime to a new wave of Western viewers in the early 2000s,  it is the first anime to come on the Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Cowboy Bebop is an anime gateway series, getting people a taste of what anime is about.

Cowboy Bebop is a genre-bending show that can be best explain as an Space Western with a Jazz background. One thing it is missing that many anime has is references to Japanese culture. The person who made Cowboy Bebop treated each episode as a miniature movie. This worked out very well for america tv, allowing you to see most episodes for your first episode and not feeling fully lost. This was long before the days of streaming so many people didn’t catch them in viewing order at that time. Because of the many reasons I also hear that Cowboy Bebop is much more popular in the west then it is in Japan.

Because of all the reasons listed above, I really wanted to highlight the epic show which is Cowboy Bebop. As they say, See you later Space Cowboy

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