Ouran High School Host Club Love!

A cute story with hilarious comedy that worked well with the loveable characters. Host club is a classic. And while it’s plot may sound like it’s aim for females the anime focus more so on comedy that make it simply fun to watch for both genders.

I myself really enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club. While somewhat popular it always was thought of as a niche anime, one that only some people would like. When speaking with others they said that small studios should stay away from niches, do something popular. Well I decided that Host Club should be the first project we do. I myself enjoy animes that more then anything else try to be different, and so I highly respect shows such as Host Club in all it’s glory.

When trying to decided who to feature in our collection the thought that anything less then all of them would be a disappointment. So we had made key chains for each of the 7 leads of the show. The twins sharing a key chain together.

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